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Hector Capitulo

Growing up in a household where both of my parents worked as an accountant and as an entrepreneur, I was able to learn about business quickly. Saving, investing, education, buying & selling, value and having a plan were mentioned around the house all the time. Being the youngest of four, my three older siblings seemed to make everything into a negotiation so I had to be prepared and strategic early on. However, the greatest lesson in the home was about integrity and “being true to your word.” This is something I carry with me in business, but more importantly, in life.

All of the years I spent at home learning these lessons from my family has helped me tremendously in my career. I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and Accounting and worked as a Finance Manager for about 5 years and in 2015, the Jim Pattison Group named me Employee of the Year amongst 380 companies and 40,000 employees worldwide. In one of my conversations with Mr. Pattison, the biggest advice he gave me was to “do something you’re most passionate about.” So, here we are with real estate.

Real estate is a business. Business is my passion. Providing an incredible and trustworthy service to my clients with what will most likely be the largest financial transaction in their lifetime is what excites me. I am here to serve you and you can ensure you’ll get the best out of me every single time.

Hector Capitulo Real Estate Agent- Homes With Hector

I am so happy that I chose Hector as my realtor. He gave honest feedback throughout the entire process and provided me with a list of options that fit my vision and budget. Hector is someone you can trust, he is diligent with his work and he negotiated hard for me when it was time to make an offer which landed me my first home. I will be recommending him to all of my friends and family.


We worked with Hector and Felix when we were looking for a condo in a very competitive market. Hector was amazing! We really felt like he was in our corner the whole time. He took the time to understand what we needed. Hector is personable, honest, and efficient. No time was wasted when we worked with him. We definitely recommend Hector and his brothers!

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I have recently used Hector to purchase a home. Being a first time home buyer, I had limited knowledge and worries about the realestate market. Hector was extremely helpful and patient throughout the whole process. He definitely puts his heart into his work and ensures that you are happy with your home purchase.


I had no doubt in his ability to help me sell my home and purchase a new one! Thanks again for going above and beyond! Literally put in 110% effort!